Forgot to post the some of the steps for recent portrait…

Final portrait will be 24×30″ oil on linen canvas…here is head study done on linen on board…first is the chosen photo (this is a posthumous portrait so  the photo is a tiny section from a snapshot taken at  some event dinner.. part of a group shot and only included his head (top of necktie up)Continue reading “Forgot to post the some of the steps for recent portrait…”

Frustrated Plein Aire painter’s evening playtime..take a few leaves that fell two days ago and mix with palette and this is what you get…don’t seem to get outside anymore..always stuck in the studio working and..tonight…answering Trick or Treaters!


Don’t say “don’t” (except sometimes) from a Robert Genn letter

Leonardo da Vinci’s study for a flying machine Don’t do watercolours on cheap paper. Don’t use fugitive inks. Don’t put your brush in your mouth — or smoke. Don’t think it’s going to get easier. Don’t lock yourself into anything. Don’t try to sell your work right away. Don’t sweat the small stuff; go forContinue reading “Don’t say “don’t” (except sometimes) from a Robert Genn letter”