Experiments and Momentos… With self-portraits.

 Decided to do a series of self-portraits while trying out different approaches than I usually use (Oil or -rarely- watercolor for portraiture)–Here i am using Goldin’s heavy body tube acrylic on illustration board prepped with acrylic gloss medium. Also, I have been looking at the work of various colorist artists– – So, I thought IContinue reading “Experiments and Momentos… With self-portraits.”

Funny little late night doodle done by jada March 18, 2016

I will sometimes suddenly just want to draw with nothing in particular in mind..so i will just start sketching..i mostly seem to start with a face and, then, depending on my energy level in what is often a last-thing-at-night desire..(and not the other likely condidate)…i will keep going until the sketch is finished or iContinue reading “Funny little late night doodle done by jada March 18, 2016”

I like Bernie but here’s a not very flattering caricature I created for a pretend Rolling Stone cover in Anita Kunz smART class last year…i usually don’t show work done in a class but this is entirely my own so i am making an exception…as only i can!! ha!!

i was trying to portray him the way the Republicans viewed him…    

TESTING d’ARCHES OIL PAPER +Fastmatte oil paint

Hour and a half study to see what d’Arches oil paper is like and also thought i would test out doing an underpainting with Gamblin’s Fastmatte raw umber, black, and white oil paint….found the paper too absorbent for my taste so certainly would still need more oil gesso undercoat..and the Fastmate is so fast thatContinue reading “TESTING d’ARCHES OIL PAPER +Fastmatte oil paint”