TESTING d’ARCHES OIL PAPER +Fastmatte oil paint

Hour and a half study to see what d’Arches oil paper is like and also thought i would test out doing an underpainting with Gamblin’s Fastmatte raw umber, black, and white oil paint….found the paper too absorbent for my taste so certainly would still need more oil gesso undercoat..and the Fastmate is so fast that it makes edge control difficult…however..for illustration purposes or even just to get something done quickly, i think it works quite well..just not for a final layer.  Anyway…painting this was just so i could have a bit of non-work fun and the picture is of one of my favorite British actor whose name, embarassingly, escapes me…the photo which i just randomly downloaded from the internet, doesn’t have a name attached and i don’t know where i got it in the first place. i don’t think this is Alan Rickman although quite similat in appearance…totally embarassing…!!!


Published by jada

Artist, illustrator, Writer, Actor

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