30 in 30 #9. Scrub Brush Marsh pochade box 6×8″ oil on board

 30 in 30 #9. Scrub Brush Marsh pochade box 6×8″ oil on board by jada…i am stuck in the city right now so…i uncovered my old pocahde thumb box (Guerilla by Judson’s)..and, of course, as it had sat unused for at least 7 years, the small tubes of old oil paint within it (not to mention all the portable pill f boxes full of paint (my old method of storing and carrying when out in the field) were hardened and had to be thrown out while the tubes screw tops were so hardened that i managed to tore open two of the tubes as i twisted the top trying to open it. i searched unsuccessfully for my other larger paint tubes so i had to settle for the lack of color choice. Suffice it to say, by the time i got some meager amount of paint onto the palette, i had little time to paint anyway…such is the life of the traveling artist!

Published by jada

Artist, illustrator, Writer, Actor

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