Another experimental self portrait and momento…number 3

This one, once again is on illstration board with undercoat of gloss acrylic medium and a charcoal sketch which has been set with Kaymar temp spray fixative..With this one, however, i used Goldin’s Fluid acrylics which turn out to be more like ink in their transparency. I feel comfortable with being able to have more passages which are transparent which (when painted over a white background) give a more luminous color..i can always go back in with opaques if i want but it is hard to retrieve that kind of luminous quality..although gessoing over and, then, painting over the white underground can bring it back..but….totally opaque always feels ‘heavy’ to me–probably because i started as a pen and ink and watercolorist. These selfies are all 9″ x 12″.

Published by jada

Artist, illustrator, Writer, Actor

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