Field Report from the wilds of IMC 2014…the making of Macbeth!

my list: *must remember to take a shower *don’t forget to take computer charger..and flash card…and..and *get canvas down there today! *bring rain cape to cover stuff *check weather *look for more kneaded erasir..where does it keep disappearing? *don’t forget to look at schedule oh..i lecture is on now.. why do i have a shampooContinue reading “Field Report from the wilds of IMC 2014…the making of Macbeth!”

can’t show portraits–can show teaching

Finishing up one small and (getting started on) several fairly large oil portraits but …privacy showing portraits…however..just to show something..i can show a couple of small demos for an acrylic class i am teaching weekly…it’s to show the grisaille method with did two fairly similar black and white versions of a little genericContinue reading “can’t show portraits–can show teaching”